Face Treatments


With Neal's Yard Remedies

Rejuvenating facial



Defy your age naturally with the powerful rejuvenating properties of frankincense, enhanced with plumping plant extracts to tone and moisturise your skin.


30 minutes £25.00............1 hour £36.00



Nourishing Facial

(Dry & combination skin)


Help protect dry skin against premature ageing with a blend of organic orange flower oil blended with anitoxidant plant extracts.


30 minutes £24.00..........1 hour £34.00



Purifying facial 

(Oily / combination skin)


For a cleaner complexion, a blend of purifying and oil balancing palmarose helps to control shine where skin is oily and hydrates where skin is dry.


30 minutes £24.00..........1 hour £34.00